Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It has been a while...

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Anyone remember that game? I feel like it has been our life these last few sunny months. We took quiet the blogging break, obviously, for a few months to enjoy the summer together. While that was super awesome, and I enjoyed it I am so ready to be back in blogging game, with conditions of course. This break has allowed me time to process what it was that I had been writing about and sharing with you guys. I am unsure of the exact path A Slocum Story is going to take this year, but I do know it is changing. We are going to be real, honest, and raw. No more fluff stories, no more busy work, just real life stuff about our real life stuff. 

We were on one heck of a summer high this year! Last weekend concluded our summer of road tripping which took us to places like Pikes Peak in Colorado to the hills of  University of Virginia in Charlottesville. We finally went on our honeymoon (two years later). We drove for hours through Nebraska in the middle of the night searching for a hotel with a room available. We finally moved into a house and left the apartment scene. Brad took on an intern at work and I took on two accelerated summer courses. We celebrated family, tons of weddings, birthdays, and an anniversary. Our little business took off running this summer and we are SO thrilled. We have plenty of posts to share with you along with photos and exciting opportunities. 

I plan on sharing the photos of our amazing summer and info about new products we are creating later this week. 

Until then I just wanted to pop in to say 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

unCORKed, unWINEd.

Life is SO fast right now! The Slocum to-do lists are overflowing! With this in mind, I am late to the party, well the linky party that is. 
Do you remember the wine parties floating around this blogland? Well they are back! 
The newly re-branded wine party, uncCORKed, was kicked off by Jessica, from Jessica Stout Design, in her beautiful town home! Seriously, not only is she a fabulous interior decorator, girl has some legit cooking skills! 

You know you just want to gobble up that cranberry-basil orzo salad! Thankfully Jessica is super sweet and is sharing her recipe on her blog. Find it here.

What I adore most about the wine parties (besides the wine) is the girl time. You know that whole "friendships are hard to make when you are over such and such age.." it is so true. It is even truer when you move to a new city. So getting together with these lovelies and sharing about blogging, life, flare jeans, and future plans is really dear to my heart. It was super nice to meet two new ladies this time around! Who says you have to be a blogger to join in on the fun? *side note: you don't have to be a blogger but we will try to convert you* 

I have been trying be more adventurous with my wine choices lately. Turns out I hate that idea. I picked up this bottle of malbec when I was in Denver last month. Denver has this little hidden gem downtown, The Infinite Monkey Theorem. "Back alley wine making at it's finest". That is a legit quote from the winery. Anyway, I brought this bottle back along with can of wine. Seriously have you ever seen a can of wine? I haven't. To be honest, I was not a fan of the malbec. I am, however, a big fan of moscato. My favorite of the night was the bottle Val brought, the Wine Sisterhood. I haven't been able to find it, but, to be honest, I have only looked as far as yeah

Continuing with the theme of "the Slocum's are always so busy" I had to leave the party early. :( 
Such a bummer. The girls watched American Blogger, which I had already seen and recommend. 

I absolutely loved that Jessica had to explain to her friends why we, Val, Kelly and myself, were taking pictures of everything from every angle. Oh to be an outsider watching crazy bloggers document life. I mean seriously it's a few minutes of hugs and hi how are ya's and then we whip out the camera phones. But who's  complaining? (my husband- that's a whole other post) 

The blogging crew. We were missing a handful of girls who couldn't make it to the party. 
Side note: if you were unaware of it- I am indeed three stories tall. 

Want to see more pictures, get recipes, and even see other parties? Check out these blogs! 

Val @ Chicken Scratch Blog

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Great news! The next link up is Monday September 29th!! 
Plan a party, unWINEd, and tell us about it!