Fabric Flower Clips

With 2 younger sisters, 2 nieces, many young cousins and my sister having a girl I of course had many many many reasons to make them all hair pretties. also, it gave me a reason to bring out my glue gun. and oh my god I LOVE MY GLUE GUN!!! I'm using a not so fabulous camera so my photos aren't the greatest, but you can still see whats going on lol 
gather your materials 
                                                                                    satiny fabric
gorgeous beads
oh and hair clips 
ok.. got your stuff?? ready to make cute flowers??? well here we go

Cut your fabric in circles, i cut six for each flower, with no real size measurements (bc i hate to measure though i really should start) 

Okay, got your petals all cut out?? or circles, whatever you want to call them. got them cut out? k, now catch them on fire. 
well, maybe not catch them on fire but singe the edges so they curl up like a petal. 

Do they all look like petals now? Stack them together. i made three at a time since it was an easy project, and i was making many of them.
 Sew them all together, you can glue them, but... sadly... i realized sewing them help better and was easier to stitch the beads on. 
i also made red and brown flowers, you can either stitch the beads on like the purple flower, or you can dab some hot glue in the center and just cover it with seed beads, either way works. i decided on stitching all my beads so they would randomly fall off and become a choking hazard. i originally bought purple and pink tyedye beads for the purple flowers but i ended up liking the black better. 

after your beads are done glue a small flap of fabric on the back side with an opening large enough to fit a hair clip through it. you can also just glue the clip right to the flower. i did both. the ones with flaps can also be strewn onto a headband (cute!!!). 

TA DA!!  you have super cute hair pretties now!!! cant wait to see my nieces wear them!! 

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