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I was on stumbleupon.com (yes I am addicted) and I came upon Keri Smiths list of 100. most of her things are to be done in a journal. so I started thinking, I should start exercising my creativity in a journal of some sort. I was going to go buy one until I remembered the Pledge, to buy and make all  handmade. so of course I googled a few different blogs and came up with an idea for my journal. 

I used cardboard from packages I received over the holidays, some scrap paper, my glue gun, the sewing machine and my new favorite thing in the world, MY CRICUT!!!! sorry just a little excited. santa was good to me this year =D 

cut your cardboard to the size youll want your journal. mine was 7 x 6 . make sure to cut a piece for the back and the front. also cut four pieces of paper for the back and the front of the book. I used my Cricut to cut out the bow and the sparrow and the template thats on my book.


glue your paper to the cardboard, I used double sided tape to make sure its how I wanted it to look and then i glued it together, you should probably used Mod Podge but bc I havent any I used my glue gun. (dont judge me) after both covers are done lay them aside. 

now its time for the fun part, ripping of the paper. I guess you can just cut the paper if that is your style but I like how it looks with the edges tattered. 
I used about 80 pages I think. keep the scraps that you rip off. you can use them for quilling snow flakes. (which I plan to do sometime soon) 

this is the part where I forgot to take photos. I used a cream colored card stock to "bind" the pages. I cut the carstock 7 x 4 inches, folded it in half and "hugged the paper with it. I divided my paper into 5 sets. then sewed each set together to bind the paper. 
are you confused yet?

I was going to draw something on the front but I forgot until after I added the rub ons. 

  Michaels has bags you can buy, that are filled with scrapbook stuff, on sale for only 10 bucks!! the one I bought had these really cute book marks/paper clips. so I added them to my book. this is the inside cover. 
so now i can start on Kerri Smiths list!! 
Happy Crafting!! 

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