starting to get organized in a very recycled way

 For the longest time i had all my gel pens and felt tip pens, pencils, and chalk all i one bag. rolling around together getting all chalky and gross. but instead of organizing them i just made sure to wipe them off before i used them. stupid idea. so it was time to find a pen jar or a cup or something. this project started out as i was only going to make one canister to encase all my writing utensils, pfft, that didnt happen. i had way to many pens and such. so i ended up making two. one for ink and one for lead. (clever right)

 all you need are clean dry Gatorade bottles, paper,
scissors, glue or tape. i think that it

 Hack off the top of the bottle with scissors. it was much harder than i had expected. you might just want to take a knife and cut it. make sure after you cut it that there arent any sharp edges. (i used a lighter to melt the sharp edges down)

 measure around the bottle and cut out your paper, secure one end on the bottle with tape or glue and wrap the paper. tada!! almost done.

if you end up deciding that you want two you can cut out both pieces of paper at the same time.

 pick out the letters of what you want it say, i used ink for well the ink and lead for the lead. i guess i really didnt need to explain that. i used small foam tape to stick them on since these werent stickers they were punchouts from a paper collection i had.

it should look something like this. after i was done i realized it was really bland. but no i didnt change them. i thnk ill go back and add ribbons and such. 

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