I wonder if that is actually even a word?? 

anyways! I found the MOST AWESOMEST blog ever. 
great blog. you know you want to check it out, just reading the name made ME wanna check it out.
thank goodness I did. This woman is freaking genius. I found her tutorial for up-cycled hats and of course 
I had to try my hand at them. everything is totally all recycled materials. well,I mean, minus the thread. but 
who counts that anyways??  
go to her blog, right now, go go go. check it out. check out her tutorial.
but dont forget to come back here. 
I planned to make the smaller size for Ian but I didnt allow myself seams......yea I know, sewing lol, always allow for seams. anyways. that hat became Rileys instead. which turned out ok actually. im pretty proud of these hats. 
they look quite awesome if I saw so myself. 
The tutorial was super simple to follow, and the downloading of the step three was such a great help. 
make sure to do that, dont just try to eyeball it. I mean unless your a pro at sewing. 
more power to ya. show offs. 
as always I took a gazillion photos, and, as always, Ian wouldnt sit still for a single photo.
 I plan on making some for the girls too, thoUGH I only had grey, white and blue t shirts on hand. 
{I figure theyd want something a little more girly}
tada!!!! look what I made!!

both of the boys hats. i just the heck out of these hats.
 because i have the cutest nephew in the world, and because my other cutest nephew wouldnt sit still
i made riley my muse today. i just love that little baby. i could smother him with kisses all day.

how handsome is he in this darn hat.
{love him}

he like trains.
he likes to chew on things.
he likes to chew on his brothers trains.

did i mention his love for chewing on things?

this is where i started getting carried away with my phone and taking the aforementioned

{note: these are super great due to, i used my cell phone}

 this one was just too cute to not include it.

dont forget
* I am MOMMA hear me ROAR
{great blog}
* Super great tutorial for the hats
{pay attention to step 3}


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  1. Hey Aleks! Your hats turned out AWESOME!!! Thanks for the kind plug, too. You are so sweet. He looks absolutely adorable in that hat!!! Way to go! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Have a great day!



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