Lemon Whoopies

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors
especially if its in baked goods. 

So today the kids and I whipped up some lemon whoopies.
they had such a blast but I forgot to get pictures of them eating them.

ingredients. check.
I used crisco instead of oil.

Bubs got to pour the cake mix in,
{with a guided hand}
He wanted to do it in fist fulls 

Believe it or not this is a picture of Emmie pouring in the eggs, 
she did it super fast so I couldn't get a good picture

Katie buggs turn! Time to add the water.
Moments after this photo the measuring cup was inside the large bowl....
thank goodness all was clean

bubs liked to watch the mixer.
he said, 
"bye bye eggs"

By the time the batter was ready for baking the kids had found interest in something else. 
so I baked them myself.
They did however notice the cookies cooling on the counter.
{of course they would}

Just slap the filling on, sandwich those bad boys, && enjoy!!

so tasty.


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