pizza night!!

The parents went out tonight so we decided to have a pizza night
me, the kids, and uncle braddie

my favey. 
on the way home from picking up the pizza i asked the kids 
"what do we do before we eat dinner?"
of course Katie bugg is the first to respond
except shellie and i DID NOT expect her answer
she yelled it so loud too
she then went on to ask shellie & i if we wanted spankens also. 
crazy kid. 
shellie and I couldnt help but crack up laughing so hard
before dinner?
what in the....
not sure where that kid has been eating dinner lately
 but it sure isnt at my house 
or her parents house. 
it was just too darn funny. 

I finally got the right answers out of them
1. wash hands
2. say grace
3. eat food

we are working on helping emilie with schedules. 
like, a sequence of events i guess you call it.
im not sure if her Autism causes her to get anxious or something else. but im still trying to learn about all of it. 
her mom tells me alot about Autism. its def. not what i had expected. 
before we do things ill ask her the steps, 
and wait for her to respond. 
if she gets it wrong i just help her out until she gets the steps right and then we can do whatever it is we are working on. 

miss emmie grace loves to use the step stool also because the other kids use it. but she can totally reach the sink. 
its ridiculous how tall she is. 

every time i tell katie to say grace she says
and then laughs like a crazy. 
shes is such a firecracker. 
but this little 5 year old is really good at saying the prayer before we eat. 
she has it down, 

"Dear God, 
Thank you for our Jesus & the Cross
thank you for mommies and daddies
& grammas and grampas
thank you for emmies & katies
& ians & rileys
thank you for alekses and uncle braddies
thank you for our food and our house
in Jesus name, we pray

like for reals. 
shes only 5. 
sometimes her or emmie will throw in something like
:thank you for the kitties, thank you for princesses, thank you for makeup:
just so cute.

shes rather swell that little girl. 
she has a huge heart for God. 
she carries her Bibles all around the house. 
I believe her to have about 9 of them perhaps?
you know, the kids versions of the Bible stories.
shes loves her Bibles. 

so. we decided to have pizza party & tea party night. 
tho we drank milk.

tinker bell plates and cups!!
[sorry ian, he had to use the girly plates with us]
miss em loves to have ranch on her pizza.
but I dont blame her. 
I love it too. 
but not as much as ketchup on my pizza.

oh katie. 
the girl of many faces. 
she is a ham

he is usually such a 
picky eater. 
He doesnt like 
mac n cheese, 
its crazie.
but tonight he chowed on that pizza and bread sticks. 
I did however find a small pile of mushrooms next to his plate later that night. 
silly kidd. 
im proud of him for eating without throwing a fit. 

Even baby hung out with us and enjoyed a breadstick himself
granted, it took him a good 35-40 mins to eat the thang. 
but he enjoyed it. 
I put cheese on it at one point
oh yes
he loved that
but I wasnt sure as to how much cheese a little one can have so he got a little fussy about that. 
I just love these little tikes. 

Because Emmie was such a big girl at dinner she got to pick out what was for dessert. 
ice cream?
oh no
chocolate? pudding? cake?
no way
she decided we were having 

Shes fantastical that girl is. 
5 years old and chooses fruit n yogurt over sweets. 

After dinner the kids wanted to just lay together and watch a movie. 
I was like oh heck yes. 
they were so cute. 
all 3 kids went up stairs, 
grabbed blankeys and pillows
and cuddles together on the floor
They didnt even want to lay on the big comfy couches. 
such sweethearts. 
Of course miss kate catches me taking a photo. 

how did you guys spend your friday night?
any good recipes?
new movies any good?
did you get the crafty bugg?
Id love to hear about it. 

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  1. I just found your blog through Cherish's link love and I love it!! I have been reading and reading a ton of your posts! Very cute!! Come over and check me out nice to meet you (in a bloggy sort of way).


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