Scavenger Hunt Sunday

well look at that. 
ive followed a  schedule. 

I got the SUNDAY scavenger hunt done and posted by ....
whats that Universe??
today is SUNDAY??
i love me.

now, before you go asking 
aleks, wHAT is this scavenger thing you are talking about??
Its a weekly challenge put on by the talented 
Ashley Sisk
its really fun. 
You guys should join this week. 

1. Chocolate
if you read my latest post you know this was a tough photo to take. 
ha. chocolate. 
damn you cocoa.
when i saw this was our first word i def knew what my photo was going to be. im just having trouble with reflections in my photos && i dont know how to edit them out. 

2. Numbers
i know this picture sucks. 
but lets pretend its super awesome 
and we can 
at it ok. 
i had a little trouble with the "numbers" this week. 

3.canned food
jar food counts as canned food right?
its pre packaged and has the same nutritional value
i just love this baby.
and his little sweet potato face.
i love little babies.

what is cuter than a pair of Hello Kitty head phones??
each of the girls have their own pair. 
luuuuhv eet. 

5. stack
i was going to use pancakes but it seems we 
didnt make pancakes this week
and i wasnt in the mood to make them friday
dont judge.

so. i hope you guys all enjoyed my interpretations of the words this week.
cant wait to see what everyone did.
have a great week. 


  1. Your chocolate shot is sooo cool! & I also LOVE your music :) Have a great week!

  2. Yup - I really enjoyed your shots this week and the commentary cracked me up :D Good stuff..... I am lovin' your chocolate shot.

  3. Well look at you - here on Sunday! Love your canned food shot!

  4. Neat interpretations! Very creative.

  5. Your Chocolate shot is awesome! =) I had to chuckle at your Stack. I just cleaned out our chunky baby board books and your picture brings back memories of sweet, chubby, dimpled hands holding to these books. :)

  6. I smiled all the way through this post - great sense of humor!
    I love the chocolate and the numbers is unique but I think those chunky board books 'stack' up as the winner for me! :)

  7. haha. thank you so much ladies!!
    you girls are just too sweet.

  8. Thanks for stopping by!!! Loved the creative blend of write up and shots!!!

  9. I actually really liked your photos.. they have humor.. Hubby and I got some good smiles out of it...

  10. What a great post...made me much humor! My favorite is your stack cute...


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