Wedding Wednesdays {on thursday}

Anyone reading this blog probably 
already knows by now that i am getting married!!!


ill post our love story for tomorrow or maybe this weekend.
whenever i get to writing it.
so we are engaged
the wedding isnt for a while. 
October of 2012 to be exact.
oh yes.
thats a while away. 
but that also means i have alot of time to plan.
so there should be no reason really for my wedding not to be perfect right??
am i sounding like a bridezilla yet?
hee hee.

A few ideas we have for the wedding:
*totally DIY, 
*candy table
*bbq foods

we want it to be more like a party for our 
to celebrate with us rather than a traditional wedding.

i have found Green Wedding Shoes to be more than helpful.
so many gorgeous weddings.

im thinking a barn perhaps??
just in case we get rained out we can just move the whole shin dig to the barn. 

in lieu of that giant wedding cake 
im thinking a dessert table.
we will still have a smaller cake but also 
ice cream
have i mentioned pie??
i totally LOVE pie man. 
punkin pie, mmmmmmmmmmm.

so, im thinking im going to start this little blog here on a darn schedule.
a small one. 
perhaps every wednesday ill post about weddings??
{idk about the other days}
ill post about what i want for my wedding 
 how much i love other peoples.
such like that
 feedback & any wedding planning tips would be
im also thinking a little in the future of posting 
wedding stories. 
kinda like Take Heart is doing with love stories
but these will be weddings, the goods the bads, the uglys, 
[im sure there arent any uglys]
ill think about it.
send me messages if your interested in that.

sorry for the lack of photos today.
i know a wordy blog is sometimes an awful blog. 
here are a few rays of sunshine to brighten your day. 
thanks for stopping by.

oh i just love this little girl.
{and i secretly envy her gorgeous hair}


  1. Umm I love love love all of these ideas. If we could do our wedding over it would so be in a barn!

  2. Can't wait to see what your plans are and also read about other wedding stories.
    Keep up the good work I love it..

  3. thanks so much guys!!
    the way i see it.
    i only get one wedding, {well i choose that}
    so why shudnt it sooooo perfect??
    also i just LOVE barns.


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