Wedding Wednesdays {on thursday}.....again

yes, i am indeed posting a day late 
but i have good reason.

someone tried to burgle me. 
i came home last night from work with the intentions of hopping in the shower, making dinner, and running off to my swing dance lessons. 
but that sure did not happen,
i came home to find someone had wrecked my living room
and saw them running out my back door.
was i scared?
did i scream?
did i cry?
i still am
whoever it was had a key to my house.
how the hell they got the key?
i have no idea.
needless to say im not to happy about it & i have changed all of my locks. 
nothing was stolen thank god
but it was and is still scary

have any of you had to deal with this?
how did you handle it?
i could really use some advice.
its freaking me out. 
i know i shouldnt let this get to me
but someone was IN MY HOUSE
and they had a key to it

now onto the fun stuff. 

lets talk dresses
im not a fan of the bridesmaids wearing the same dress
my girls will all be wearing different dresses
no, not like a rainbow
they will wear country meets vintage kinda dresses
i figure ill let them pick out their favorites and we can narrow them down to what looks good together

those are some of my favorite floral prints from modcloth
some of my girls are tall so i figure they may want longer dresses
i mean if they decided to have a cocktail dress thats fine too
but here are some of my fave longer dresses
i love the last one, with the romantical lace on the bottom
i wish i had been born many years ago, in the south
as far as tiered dresses go, i adore those

i never really got into the whole ruffly thing, 
but those are two of my fave ruffles dresses
i cant decided if i like the yellow too much for someone else to wear it
i mean the bride has to be the prettiest right?
and anyone wearing that yellow dress surea s heck would be gorgeous
i LOVE it

if you ladies have any
just let me know
id love advice

also note:
Modcloth is having a
sale right now

i totally want 

omigosh i would the crap outta that dress

i also totally WANT need 
this baby right here

i have a huge small addiction to coats

ok. well. 
that is that. 
these are the dresses that make me swoon.
some amazing clothes!!
i love LOVE love modcloth.


  1. something really funny and silly, but I guess you already knew this about us. We tend to have some of the same habits together or apart. Like remember when we didn't talk for a while but had the same favorite song? Anyways, I've been stalking modcloth for a while looking for a dress to wear to don's graduation. Most of the dresses you posted were in my top picks. I miss you and love you. your blog is great! I'm kind of working on my own, because for some strange reason all of your crafting has made me interested myself. Turns out crafting is a plague. I'm not nearly as good at crafting or blogging as you, though. love you dear! xx

  2. I cannot believe that happened! I hope you get to the bottom of it & quick! so scary. I will say some prayers for you for sure!

    And those dresses!!! can I be in your wedding?? hehe

  3. thanks so much for the kind words girls.
    yea i really hope we get to the bottom of who was in my house.

    and yes Cherish you can be in my wedding haha. heck you should just renew your vows and have a big ol' barn wedding also.
    im dying to show you guys what im having the boys erm i

  4. these dresses are great! i love them all!


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