i confess...

i must stop you before you begin to read and confess before i confess.
these arent just any chai tea confessions
these are Nyquil, Ginger Ale, waking up every hour to cough my lungs out, running a fever all night and morning confessions. 
with that being said

i confess:

just like the fabulous cherish i too have a super long name
Alexandra Danielle Nicole Brand
and when i get married...
Alexandra Danielle Nicole Brand-Slocum
oh yes ill be practicing signing that in little boxes.

i like to put cheese on my peanut butter sandwiches
not just any cheese
kraft singles

i used to be called 
'gangle monster'
when i was growing up
i have always been super tall and super thin
no boobs, no butt, no fat any where on my body
just these gangley arms and gangley chicken legs 
yes, the boys would call me gangle monster
i think this is the ultimate reason behind my tomboyish attitude

i also thought i was going to be a super model 
if i didnt become a fashion designer

i hung out with the "cool" crowd 
{aka troublemakers}
in highschool, and never thought i would actually graduate
but i did!!
it was hard work
but it was sooo worth it

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  1. I love that we both have LONG names!! :)

  2. Diva! I love that curlers pic. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Holy cow that is long but ummmm I wish i could be called a gangle monster these days no fat on the body can my eyes get any greener.

  4. that is a long name. i lost the two part last name after signing 50 million times. but yours is even longer. i feel for you.

  5. Nice to get to know you some more :-)


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