Kisses 25 cents

As most of you know my sister is 
having a baby in a few short weeks
so of course i had to make her stuff
ive recently learned to make freezer paper stencils
and i love them

buy the cutest onesies you can find
or make them yourself
and iron them flat

put paper in between the outfit to protect the back of the onesie

trace and cut out the words
or pictures you want to use
onto freezer paper

iron the stencils onto the super cute little onesies

next paint the stencils 
i used apple barrel paint 
{bc its my fave}
i also recommend the puffy paints for fabric 
but really its whatever you want to use

let dry.
tuuuuu daaaaaa!!!

my favorite one is the pink
25 cents

i cant wait until she has this baby 
its going to be so awesome


  1. Haha, fungi. Cute! I want to do this for t-shirts with friends, but make them very inappropriate.

  2. Awe, how sweet! What a great anutie you will be:)

  3. Very cute!!! Do you know what signs you are making for your wedding? There are so many cute choices!


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