Linky Love Friday

you want love?
here you have it. 

love learning to make new flowers
im not a stalker....just a procrastinator 
mailed off a loverly package to a loverly lady today
completely IN LOVE, and already on the last season
way too cute to eat, my new weekend project
totally wish i could be this awesome chick in 11 days. lucky duck.
yay for more projects. these will be popping up all over my house.
must have for my wedding. {wink, wink}
only the COOLEST and most talented 11 year old, like, ever.
another super amazing youngster!! at only 15 she owns a business.

getting antsy for the show!!
thats what i have to tell myself about those shoes. 
im on the look for a new Bible
actually its on my birthday list

im working on a spring collection, tho with my procrastination i suppose it will be for summer. 
we will see. 
its off to the drawing board for me, 
or well, the sketch pad, 
but whatevas, same diff. 
also note. 
im almost done with LOST.
prepare for an incredible post when i done with it. 
Last season starts tonight, and if i have tomorrow off then it will go on until tomorrow. 
Im really really obsessed curious to see what happens. 
i have a few ideas of what i think happens. 
but who knows. i totally called that Lockes body was in the metal box. But the whole Christian-Claire thing freaks me out. 
What if Claire and Jack had a romance on the Island.
that is all. 


  1. Hah. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I totally sometimes pretend I'm not home as well! It's so much easier.

    The thing that REALLY gets me though, is on those no-pants kind of days where I'm lounging under my comforter, watching Netflix and somebody knocks. It's like "I'm sure they can hear the tv, buuuut do I really want to run around to put pants on?" Such a tough decision.

  2. I'm LDS & we have churches all over the world. I'm sure there's one in your neck of the woods. Just look up The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Oh & we read the King James version of the Bible.

    PS - those owl cookies are just too cute to eat!


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