Wedding Wednesdays

no tuxes here. 
we are a suit free 
tux free wedding
who needs tails and coats??

im thinking

not those kind of suspenders.
these kind suspenders!
sexy right?
i mean. 
classy right?
im still on the fence to whether or not i like the brown or the gray.
i LOVE the gray
i LOVE the brown

see the problem?
im partial to coats.
if the guys want them for later in the night if they cold 
thats cool
but wait to wear them until at night
...... when they are cold
its also a great way to flirt with a brides maid
just sayin....

outdoors wedding
its chilly
bridesmaid doesnt have a coat
{silly her tho, she really should be wearing a cardigan}
so that handsome hero of a groomsman gives her his jacket
aaahhh love

Im diggin the hats
perhaps ill force let the guys wear them 
i love them 
{the hats that is}
im also partial to the ties.
i like the look without the ties
but i LOVE the look with bow ties
im dont like it with the long ties

are you swooning over these socks too?

im in love!!
cept the shoes. 
not to bigga fan of the shoes. 
but the socks are super duper cute.
now just if i can get the guys to wear them.
i sure they wont mind
i mean 
the bride
after all.

i am totally diggin the vests
maybe well have a few guys in vest a few in suspenders?
maybe that would be weird tho bc brad is going to be in a vest
should he look different than that guys?
i need opinions. 
also note:
there will be an upwards of , say, 7ish groomsmen
{frat boys}

ill keep the shoes for another post another day
just know
we will be rocking the toms!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love Love LOVE the suspenders idea!!! And I also really dig the bow-ties too!! And I def think the groom should stick out from the groomsmen, just to be different; after all, it is HIS day too! Just my opinion!


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