Wedding Wednesdays: Dress Love

i am getting so antsy for this wedding
but its more than a darn year away

today im thinking all about dresses
i know you guys have been waiting for this
wedding dresses!!

of course the first thing to do when you get engaged is to try on dresses. so of course i did just that. 
with my aunts in tow we headed off to a great day of trying on dresses.
it was fun at first, i was getting ideas of what i liked and didnt like 
but at the end i was so tired.
soooo many dresses
so many zippers
i was so sick of looking at dresses
so i have resorted to online 
i can look at the pretty dresses 
and dont have to spend hours trying them on
vintage wedding dress with jacket
crazy lovin on this dress!!
and the best part
her mother made it!! 
wedding dress
love the detail
wedding outdoors new york
the layers to this dress are perfect
it looks so light at would be easy to dance in
farm wedding bouquet
she made this thing.
and it was less than one hundred bucks
its a vintage dress, some petticoats and some altering
it came together the MORNING of the wedding
she didnt have a backup plan
id freak.
flowers in hair wedding
i want these sleeves
are you guys dying for them too?
i LOVE them. 
ill take them. 
brooch bouquet
i think i must have this dress
and the brooch bouquet 
for reals.
bride with yellow flowers
im liking the buttons on the bust
the sleeves
im loving the sleeves
i cant wear strapless dresses because
i have rather large assets
to say the least
so im all about sleeves and straps and 
anything else that will keep my dress from falling off
bride in wedding dress
more layers
pretty pretty layers
and a sash with a big ole flower
i say 
yes please
peony bouquet
that is all  

Silk taffeta Toscana ball gown
i like the ruffle-ness on the top
loving the bodice

what did your wedding dress look like??
did you buy it new, used, handmade?
im looking to buy my used
i figure it can always be altered 


  1. personally, I have always like shorter dresses.

  2. AHHH! Ok the brooch bouquet is pure amazingness! Im in love with it!!!! I love the dresses with a big flower on it at the waist, thats what I am looking for. All these dresses are so pretty, I love the ones that people made. Its so different then going to the everyday bridal shop! I love creative people!

  3. I love Love LOVE all of these dresses!!!! My roommate and I just spent 20 minutes of our astronomy class looking at the websites for the weddings! You couldn't go wrong with any of those looks! They are all sooooo beautiful!

  4. i love lace on wedding dresses. it gets kind of iffy if the lace looks cheap though.


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