22 baby!!

Thank you lovely readers for your amazing Birthday Wishes.
You guys are really sweet.

as most of you know my birthday was on saturday!
22 baby!!

not that that means anything
cept im one year closer to renting a car
my amazing fiance
threw me a surprise birthday bash
he and the brothers of his house and one of my girlfriends schemed it up together
i was so happy 
i love these kids
i am so blessed to have such a great group of friends
even if 98% of them are boys
the girls took me out to dinner and margaritas 

then they said we should mix up some drinks and chill out on my porch
{bc it was 80 degrees, and i have an awesome porch}
so we headed to my house, 
still im completely oblivious to the fact that she is texting brad the whole time getting everything ready
i came through my front door and the first thing i notice is that my floors are vacuumed

no one vacuums here, ha
so when i went into the second living room to see why the heck my house was so clean 
and a shower of balloons

{i like balloons...dont judge}

they even made me a cake
and it was edible
and it was yummy

it was so great
and then the dog attacked the balloons
wich was not so great
so here the photos of the night
hope you enjoy as much as i did
i seriously have THEE best fiance 

before i went out i decided to spend some birthday money on a new outfit, 
two stores and 4 hours later
i picked one out
i planned on an awesome birthday outfit photo
so i let brad take the pictures
needless to say
well be having a little camera lesson pretty soon
dont mind the noise, 
the blur, 
the angles, 
just pretend these photos are super AWESOME
and ooh and aaah at my new jeans and cardigan
and the best new shoes.....ever

awkward pose

ha. wobbly leg

whats that?
you love these shoes too??

i saved you the pain of seeing my toes. 
feet are so  ugly. 
thank god for pretty shoes. 

ha. so when im not prepared, and scratching my head he takes a good photo. 
silly boy

and again with the unprepared photos. 

my bestest friend
baking assistant
personal body guard 

we are sleeping. 
i sleep with that face.

sweetest girl ever

wendy and dave bang
and daves WOOT shirt
which i love
oh and also, note
thats her cup

boys want us

look at that sunny weather!!
we were outside in shorts i tell ya

 as for these guys
they have small problems

the infamous 
this is what happens if i put my camera down
 i may have injured one of the boys
so i brought them a bag of corn
it works right??
{note: this was not the injured man, the corn ended up getting passed around....}

what happens when i set down my camera
this is steve
the best man for our wedding
sometimes my brain quits working

best friends
brads grade school buddy
they grew up together
and by grew up i mean they went to away to college together

 fish face?
 like i said earlier
we like balloons.

i love this man
he is fantastical

he finally took a good one

Happy Birthday April Babies


  1. Aww, looks like you had a bunch of fun!
    And I love your new outfit! Did you get the shoes at Target?! I love Target and I think I saw shoes really similar to those (or exactly like those) at Target while I was stocking shoes. Haha.

  2. what a fun bday!! yay! i NEED those sandals.

  3. i hope you had an amazing bday!!!! according to the post....i'm pretty sure you did! i LOVED the post! :)

  4. Happy late birthday to you!! Looks like you have one awesome man, and alot of great friends, thats awesome!


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