beep beep

i feel like this blog has become nothing but posts about me apologizing for not keeping up with my blogging.
but really. 
i have been soooooooooo
busy as of late. 
the fashion show, the melt down after the fashion show, the pink eye i got from the fashion show, my birthday, the re-decoration of the girls room, blehk. 
soo tired. 
i promised photos from the fashion show when i got my photos back. 
and i did. 
here are some photos from my P.O.V.
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clearly someone didnt get the memo to go to bed early bc we were in for a long day. 

my favorite. ha. 

kimbels makeup. 
fantastic right?
like a friken mermaid

my makeup

sadly the only photo i have of me and the fiance from the show
one of the brothers of his house made those shirts. 
they have Maddies croquis she used for her designs
it was so sweet
when we walked down the runway all the boys and maddies family put the shirts on 
she was so surprised
it was so great

we have the greatest friends

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  1. Love the pix..
    You look beautiful Ali.
    You & Brad look very happy together.


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