Fashion Show:Spring 2011

this will be a very very very 
photo filled post
will minimal words
you will love it

Saturday was the Purdue Fashion Show.
some of us woke up at 5 am, some of us woke up at 10 am.
i was one of those 5 am-ers.
im not sure i could do the real life model thing. 
too much work 
we met at the sewing lab
which had been transformed from counters, dress forms, and machines, into a world of half awake women {someguys} cracked out on caffeine. 
there was no escaping it. 
the estrogen and hairspray trapped you in the room.
there were curling irons, blow dryers, foundation bottles, applicators, bagels, coffee cups and hairspray from floor to ceiling.
its finally 6 am, 
time to buck up 
time to transform my simple self into a model
starts off with hair 
it was teased to high hell and back
not only teased to make it tall 
but to make it like
huge huge
she teased what was already teased
after the wrecking of my hair is complete its to be pinned 
and tucked
and curled
and tucked some more
a little more pinning 
and a layer or 5 of
Vinyl Acetate
perhaps a little gum arabic
and some

next up
we had the amazing joy of having 
do our makeup
she was, seriously, a god
she was so nice 
and didnt freak when i kept complaining
it was her first time doing bright colors 
but you could not tell at all
i was terrified when it came time for the tarantulas, 
i mean fake eyelashes
to go on
until 20 min later
then i forgot i even had them on

after hair and makeup it was time for coffee
oh hells yes please
its now 10 am
5 hours in a room that was literally foggy from fumes
the only reason we were all smiling and still awake is because we high, 
all 50 of us were totally high from the hairspray fumes

i do realize how creepy i look.
dont judge


 omigosh. how in love are you guys with Kimbles makeup.
friggen mermaid. 
 the assistant and the assistants assistant 
i was so happy to meet these loverly ladies the day before the show. 
it was also great to have a familiar face walking the runway with me
i <3 chelsea
you know how people say models dont eat?
we devoured this food
chicken salad
oh yea
we dug in

cheers to you 
for your amazing designs, fabulous friends, && your senior show
oh yes
models make funny faces
and look silly

Such a great group of girls

familiar faces
for reals
guess who is older

my absolute fave photo of Susha and i

gorgeous girls

ok, so, not great quality, 
but here a few walking shots
professional shot of Kenzie on the Runway

these last two shots are from our photo shoot
it was a blast
is the mastermind behind these great shots. 
check out his work
youll be very very glad you did

this is us with our lovely Designer
Maddie Thompson

i hope you enjoyed these photos. 
i had a great time with these women. 
they are so much fun. 
the show was so much fun. 
if you go to see it i know you agree. 

{these photos are from my phone, and from the other models. my camera was lost, but then found, but i dont have it back yet. when i get it ill post my photos. so prepare for a part two}



  1. awesome. :) wish i could have seen it. :)

  2. Love the pix.
    You look like you had lots of fun.

  3. Everything looks so fun! I love the bright colors and I love the colored tights! You look great!

  4. ahhh you look stinkin' gorgeous!!

  5. Oh my gosh! This looks like such an icredible time. You all look amazing!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. this looks like sooooooo much fun!!! sounds like you had a blast!!! everyone had such funky outfits!!! i love it!


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