Filled in the blanks

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1. i am looking forward to: 
the end of my lease!! 
new swim suits, 
and porch fratting 

2. something kind of embarrassing that i still love anyways:
Shapes mac n cheese
i LOVE me some kraft mac n cheese 
but i especially LOVE the shapes ones

3. my favorite car:
1968 Dodge Charger with  
Vector 10-spoke turbine wheels, 
black grille guard,
and a 440 CID V8

4.if i could pick one weather climate to live in for the rest of my life it would be:
sweet sweet So Cal weather.
Dry and Hot. 
no humidity.
no snow.
nothing below hot.
tan all year round. 
swimming on christmas day. 

5.My favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is:
pour myself a goblet of wine, curl up in my comfy bed, and fall asleep to a netflix movie. 

6.This weekend:
i will be working from 5am to 6pm saturday
then sleeping until monday morning. 

7. if i were a color id be:
because its bright, 
hard to miss, 
and did you know the yellow is said to create frustration and anger?
ha. weird


  1. Of course I was going to say something about babies. I talk, breathe, and LIVE babies. Seriouslyyyy. I've got the fever.

  2. Also; I love the color yellow. I don't associate anger/frustration with it, though.


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