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The Little Things We Do...
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i found this little diddy while i was there

Fill In The Blank Friday
awesome right
1. My favorite daily responsibility is, going to bed at night. I love to get home from work, change out of my jeans, and curl right up in bed to sleep.

2. My least favorite daily responsibility is, waking up to an alarm clock. 

3. My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is, anything mexican. Throw in some beans, hot sauce, rice, cheese im all set. holla!!

4.My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is... when you say cuisine can i answer with starch? maybe carbs? i love to cook potatoes, bread, cakes, pastas, you know. the unhealthy, makes you fat and feel heavy foods. but soo good if you pile on cheese. 

5.Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is, being in the fashion shows i suppose. i mean, its not really fame. its fun and every is starring at me, but its no hollywood red carpet ordeal. 

6. If I could have 3 wishes I would wish, for an all expenses paid dream wedding, for three more wishes, and world peace. haha

7. My biggest pet peeve is, people who smack their food or bite their nails. seriously! Brad and i have come to the conclusion ive the ears of a bat. i can hear him biting his nails from downstairs. and food smackers. gross man. if i can hear you eat your food then its obviously not all staying in your mouth either. close your mouth, take smaller bites, and stop being a freak. 
that seriously makes me crazy. 
i think im getting an eye twitch thinking about this. 


  1. Yeah that is a picture of my mom. :) Ill be back to read your posts! Trying to narrow some wedding photographers... not the most fun thing :/

  2. Haha I hate hearing people eat to! Yuckers.
    Loving the blog )

  3. I was soooo glad I could just send you that CD! I figured you'd really appreciate it!

    Now write me back! Haha.

    <3 leslieeeeanne


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