love of my life

God has blessed my life, and my familys life with the sweetest little angel on wednesday night. 
we call her
and even though i havent met this sweet baby girl just yet
i love her sooooo much

my baby sister is her proud mommy
i cant believe she has a child
before me
not that i expected myself to have babies young 
my sister was 
{and might still be}
terrified of babies
told ya
[also note: if i dont blog for a few days, its bc she killed me for posting this]

Growing up we used to pretend to be mommies and we used to pretend to have babies
we didnt pretend to have them
that would have been rather bizarre and odd role playing
we pretended our dollies were alive
now this post is making us sound like nut balls
we played house

but i honestly never ever thought this day would be here
a few months ago
she texted
said she had something important to talk to me about
i totally called it
i knew she would say
i was excited
lets be honest
i was sad
i realized my baby sister was all growed up
she was an adult
and i couldnt keep calling her my baby sister
but she is

and now here we are
with this bundle of so much freaking 
and yall know me
i love 

i wanted to be there so bad when my sister had this baby
but i couldnt
im a poor college kid
whos not in college

it breaks my heart to not be able to be there for my sister and the little baby
but i know she is in good hands
and soon enough i will get to meet 

dont you just want to squeeze her
dont you just want to snuggle her and smell her new baby smell and kiss her chubby witto chweeks
aww i wuv babies

all these photos have been texted to me
but when i get to see her 
for reals
ill have a huge shoot set up 
and take 
many photos of this love

i love you miss kendra
and my baby sissy

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  1. AWWW My granddaugher is so beautiful.
    She is tiny and cute and has a head full of black hair. She can't wait to meet her Auntie Aleks. She has been told all about her auntie and is waiting for her.. We love you Aleks..


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.