Wedding Wednesdays {on thursday}.....again

once again
wedding wednesday
is on

im thinking all about hair right now

i want those long lushious wavy locks please
and the flowers

Aimee played with vintage-inspired style, pairing a birdcage veil she found on with a yellow and gray fascinator she made herself.
i cant decide if its the hairpiece i like or the hair 
the hair piece is rather distracting
but a good kind of distracting 

wedding updo with beautiful ...
i know what you are thinking
aleks! WTF mate. 
so it looks like a classy kesha do. 

i cant get over the simple curls

maybe this one is mostly for the awesome dresses and the awesome photos. 
but i love her hair. 

whoa baby whoa
i love this

no comment here
just admiring the art

i hate the really tight updo hair styles
the ones where your hair is forcing you to smile
there is no way i could go my entire wedding day and reception night 
with hair pulling at my face so tight 
that i look like tour guide barbie
from toy story
not sure what kind of awfully tight updos im talking about
i bet that hair could walk itself down the isle

i really love a good wedding blog.
especially with this wedding planning.
here are some of my picks i think you guys might like. 
if your a bride to be
which i only know of one of my readers being
i think these are rather helpful.
granted my thoughts on a wedding differ than those of most
wedding websites dont cater to just one idea. 
wich i LOVE
especially when i am considering trashing all my plans and find another idea
until i got engaged i really never knew of how many wedding styles there are
i actually thought it was either,
in white church
in a court room
or on the beach

and that is all.
but yay for me it is not. 

so back to my original point
here are some great blogs and such. 


  1. your hair is going to look amazing. I wish I had the patience for long hair

  2. You definitely have some good looks for inspiration. Being a guy, I didn't have this same researching for the perfect look. But, I could see how it would be fun. Enjoy this time, it is fun. I'm sure your wedding is going to be everything you hope for.

  3. I love these hair pictures! I want long wavy curls also, half up half down with a pretty hair accessory. However, I am in loveee with the picture of the girl with all her hair swept on one side with the purple flower on the opposite side.


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