Wedding Wednesdays

real quick, 
i have to say
although it was terrifying 
a near death experience
the tornado did not get us last night
i cant wait for this darn wedding to get here
i have been reading lists 
check lists
to do lists
nitty gritty lists
its crazy
i just havent realized how in depth people get with their weddings
i dont car what color the napkins are that people are going to be wiping food of their mouths with
or cleaning up spilled drinks
or spitting out food they didnt like in 
i dont care what kind of tables we have or what color the chairs are
{actually i want the chairs to be all sorts, and all colors, kinda like a collect all}
i dont care if my utensils are plastic or silver or wood or glass 
i say everyone gets sporks
my wedding isnt about showing off
impressing people
making myself look good
its about uniting our love and our families and our friends
and beer
but mostly the love part

as far as the bouquets
i dont want roses
i find roses cheesy and ugly
i LOVE sunflowers
and gerbera daisys
and anything bright and colorful and fun
but i dont want to spend too much time putting them together
seeing as i will actually only be using the bouquet for however many seconds it takes me to walk down the isle and then ill throw it into a crowd of women
i dont see the need to spend too much time or money on that
for the sake of bradley
ill try to come up with something
he wants a traditional wedding
but i love him
so one must come to a compromise
i like these for the color
im not to keen on the tissue paper or the greenery
too much

i do, however, LOVE these
so simple
but not over the top
and it looks like the stems are just wrapped up in cloth

i am completely 
how fun would it be to collect all of these?
and have the bridesmaids help
it could seriously become awesome
and i totally would 
NOT want that thrown at me
not to mention
i would rather keep it and just cut out the bouquet toss
tho i wont
bc i just love silly little things like that

i like the calla lilies in this one
{those are calla lilies, right?}
i also like the simple ribbon and pin in the stems.

daises in hair for wedding
i am starting to love those little yellow balls
if you havent noticed by now
i have no clue about flowers
but i like this one
the purples are very
{love the movie}

succulent bouquet boutonniere
purple wedding shoes and bouquet
j crew bridesmaids dresses
i am falling so hard for these
ive seen a lot of bouquets that more 
im not even sure the word
im not too sure
but i like them
and the boutonniere 

wedding bouquet bride
as earthy and green as this is
i terrified a spider would come marching out of it any second
but it is pretty
id rather just look at it

red and yellow bouquet
i love how bold this one is
and it has those yellow balls again

sunflower bouquet
this is it
my bouquet
i know all those things about it being simple
and blah blah blah 
but i like this one
its yellow
that is all

so i know i keep writing how THIS will be the one
or that will be the one
well this is it
this style
my bouquet will make from
recycled fabric
how great is that


the grey and yellow one is pretty awesome
especially for a wedding

i cant believe how awesome these are
and i cant believe how i have never seen them before

what kind of bouquet did you have for your wedding?
should i use real flowers?
just scarp all that and make a bouquet from brooches or from recycled fabric??
opinions please


  1. AH you scare me, we might have been separated from birth or something. First of all, I am in love with the vintage brooch bouquets and the fabric ones!!!!!! I want to do that for my wedding, but it is far from traditional. Secondly, I love the yellow balls too!!!!!!!!!!! I found out their names, now I am blanking on them, anyways I am using those on the guys, unless I do this which I also love Lastly, I plan on doing sunflowers as my main flowers and I love the daisies too!!!! Great minds think alike. Excuse my excitement over this post!

  2. Wow, they are all so cool and beautiful. I don't know how you will decide. so many choices. The broach ones are so cool, but I would hate to try to find them all... good luck:)

  3. Our "theme" was basically winter, but we focused more on cardinals & pinecones, so my bouquet was a bouquet of pine cones with red & brown feathers surrounding it.

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment on my postttt, anddd I'll be sure to post a picture of my bouquet (and other awesome wedding related pictures!) sometime soon :D

  5. ACTUALLY! There is a picture here:

    It's in black & white, but you can see what it looks like. Just imagine the pinecones brown and the feathers brown & red!

  6. I got inspiration for it from online (as far as a bouquet of pinecones) but it looked too plain so I spiced it up with the feathers, and then my boy wore a boutinierre with one feather & the bottom of a pine cone (which, when looked at from underneath looks kind of like a flower)

  7. that little gray flower girl dress is adorable. I'm also in love with brooch bouquets. so colorful and vintage and gorgeous.

  8. i LOVE the vintage brooch bouquets!
    they're amazing.

    i actually just had a regular fresh flower bouquet...
    it was just a bouquet of a bunch of antique roses in all shades of pink.
    i really loved it.
    but it cost a lot of $.

    good luck!



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