i have a small hobby that i like to unleash every now and again. 

but more of a cake decorating kind of baking. 

have you guys heard of the amazing cake pops??
cake...on a stick....
not. even. kidding.

i just whipped up a batch for one of my girlfriends birthdays.

you will need to gather:
cake mix
wax paper
cookie tray
cookie pop sticks
candy melts

line the cookie tray with the wax paper
 make sure you have a clean workspace
prepare a microwave safe bowl to melt the melts
bake the cake as per the box 

crumble the tasty tasty cake in a large bowl
{try not to eat all of it}
mix in frosting with the tasty cake crumbs until pliable but NOT soggy
roll cake into balls, place on tray, and freeze until firm

once balls are firm you will want to dip the sticks in the melts and immediately place in balls. 
when you have finished popping sticks in each ball return to freezer until candy is hard. 
dip pops into candy melts, tap on side of bowl to get rid of excess candy and to make smooth

i bought Styrofoam rectangles and poked holes in it to hold the pops. 
it worked really really amazing!
let pops harden and then you can add any kind frosting, sprinkles, fondant, whatever!!

these were so delicious!!
you can use any cake youd like, even make these out of truffles!!
candy melts come in many many many colors!!
and you can flavor them if youd like. 
you can get as crazy or as simple as youd like!!
i had so much fun making these!!

thank you so much Megan for letting me chat on your blog!!
Happy Memorial Weekend to everyone!!


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.