Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party!!

my youngest sister is allergic to peanuts so we bought apple butter 
we cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters
they were a huge hit!!

i made TONS of sugar cookies
(also a huge hit)
i dont think there was ever a second when a kid was without cookie in hand
we had a bubbly cider for the children to drink
Shel bought a set of tea cups and plates for the party
soooo cute!!
miss katie served the other princesses their drinks
we had top hats for the boys 

we made the tutus for the girls, 
&& had pearl necklaces, "diamond" rings, 

the girls LOVED the tutus
they were also the part of the party favors

the girls LOVED the tutus!!
you didnt think id attend a princess party without my own tutu now did you?

the girls have the Choo Choo Soul CD
[which i love]
so we blasted that in the back yard and danced a parade around the back yard
it was insane how excited the girls were


  1. The girls looked like they were having so much fun. Even you looked like you were having fun too. The tutus were really cute, even yours.. The food even looked awesome.. Can't wait to see what's in store for the boys party..
    Love ya..

  2. nice shirt ;)

    looks like fun!

  3. these are so adorable :) Happy I found your blog! too cute!


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