row, row, row your float

yea baby!!
its summa!
summa summa suuuuuuuummmmaaahhh!!!!
today (wednesday) it was a lovely 
and i sure do mean 
90 degrees
tuesday it was a fabulous 84!!

The last few days have been 
with lovely time outdoors and with great people
tuesdays mission:
Wildcat Float Trip
for those of you not familiar, 
we {brads fraternity & one or two other friends}
grab anything that floats, 
if it floats, 
your in.

we pile in two (or more) cars
and drive 15 min. 
we blow up our flotation devises. 
my personal favorite!
fits two!!
one of my bffs chelsea and i shared 
we can comfortably fit two people, and whatever we are drinking
its so great too bc we can BOTH lay on it fronts OR backs, at the same time and get our tan on. 
other people buy river rats, we have been known to have people blow up inflatable pools and take those, also, mini blow up boats are popular, and we ALWAYS have a beer float.
one person tethers the beer float to theirs to insure the safety of the beverages. 
i cant tell you how much fun this is. 
we float apox. 6 miles, it takes a few hours, this time was the first float of the season and bc of the recent raining the flow was quick, last year we had a trip that took over 6 hours, i also got a 2nd degree burn on that trip
{and now have scars from that nasty thing}
so you bet we beached a few times to reapply the sun block
 spf 50+

eating lunch on the way, no big deal 

oh yea, we were packed in tight, 

let the unpacking begin!!!

was a lovelytime with the childrens. 
they got to play in the water in the back yard, we went for a walk, had ice cream, and then they grilled out. 
what else can we do to celebrate summer?

seriously going to be an awesome summer!!
still knockin out my list
#93 float down the wildcat
#56 spend an entire day completely surrounded by nature and all its beauty 

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  1. Oh my, that looks like tons of fun!! I grew up next to a few rivers, and flots are a total summer must!!!!


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