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i met this amazing woman through project pen pal, 
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she is such a sweetie! im so excited to introduce you lovelies to her. 

just like all of my sponsors, i like to get a little info on them, 
of course i would LOVE to sit down with all of them a hot cup of chia or mocha and chat the day away, 
but thats not ideal
too bad right!?!

What got you into blogging?

 I've been blogging since 2004 on various platforms. It started as a therapeutic way to journal about my life and has evolved to different reasons for different blogs. I started my current blog as a place for me to write honestly and genuinely about topics and to meet other lovely bloggers!

Where do you get your inspiration for the lovely creations in your shop? 

The inspiration for the photographs come from when I slow life down and stop to appreciate the beauty in small (and sometimes large) things around me. The necklaces and sewing projects come from me just playing around and experimenting with different supplies.

What do you do when you arent

blogging/creating for your shop? 

My "day job" is homeschooling my little brother and working on a correspondence course. When that's all done for the day we try to spend as much time as we can outdoors walking the dogs, hiking, and geocaching.

Is there a story behind the story of your shop name? 

My husband and I were sitting around brainstorming ideas and he came up with Carissa's Silver Lining. He's always optimistic and I'm the complete opposite so I think perhaps he was making an underlining joke at me! :) 

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few
 things you would suggest?
 Do it! Start by not worrying about what others will think and instead writing for yourself! Figure out what topics you like to read about and aspects you like in other blogs and start there! 

Can you tell me about your ideal reader? 

I'm not sure I have one! Any and everyone? I love when people enjoy what they read on my blog and either comment or send me a message about it. If they leave a comment on more than one occasion it makes me feel great as it means they enjoyed my blog enough to keep coming back! 

what are you normally doing while you blog? 

I typically have at least 6 or 7 tabs open on firefox so I usually type for a bit than flip through them. Perhaps I'm on twitter for a few minutes, or send an email, or texting on my cell. And Kudjo (one of my dogs) and my cat Lucy almost always sleep next/on me while I am on the computer. So I'm probably giving them attention too. 

When do you find time to create for your shop? 

It depends on what shift Jon is on and my weekly schedule. Sometimes I sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and sew or edit pictures. And other days we'll work on something together in the evening while a favorite tv show is on. I usually have to make an effort to set aside a few hours every week dedicated for creating and crafting! 

if you were shrunken down to the size of a pencil eraser and stuck in a blender, how would you get out?

 Interesting question! I would try to climb up or twist the bender off of the base from the inside. But if that didn't work I'd run from side to side and slam into the wall of the blender until I tipped it over. Then I could just walk out! 

What is your fave thing to blog about? 

Something funny or embarrassing that happened to me. I love to laugh and make others laugh so that's usually what I enjoy most to write about!

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Carrisas Silver Lining

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