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i have a lovely lady id like to introduce all of you readers to,
she is my first sponsor 
and also my pen pal

i met leslie through project pen pal. 
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after a few letters and emails and blog stalkings she offered to sponsor a giveaway!
one sunny afternoon leslie and i got to sit down and with hot cups of coffee and chat away about life, blogging, owning a shop, and marriage. these are a few questions she kindly answered.
{ok, maybe not really, but that would have been fun}
she did however send me her answers to these questions. 
What got you into blogging?

Originally, I blogged because it made all the depression and anger I felt in high school
feel a bit better. For five years, LiveJournal was my home, where I could pour my heart out
and not really have to deal with the issues I was going through.
In my freshman year of college, I joined a "find friends" group on LiveJournal since
all my high school friends' blogs were either dead & gone, or getting mega dull,
and that's where I "met" the man who would eventually become my husband.
Some nine months later, I moved in with him, got a full time job, and decided I didn't need my blog anymore,
because all the pain & frustration I felt in high school was slowly disapating.
Then, two years later, I discovered blogger, and a lot of inspiring blogs
that showed me, you didn't have to post about depression & anger
in order to need a place for you to write and a blog you called home.

Where do you get your inspiration for the lovely creations in your shop?
It sounds silly almost to admit it, but I think my best ideas come indirectly from my husband.
I'll tell him I need to make something, that my hands feel idle and empty,
and while most the time, he'll suggest something to me that is more than slightly ridiculous,
it always spawns a better, less ridiculous idea.

What do you do when you aren't blogging/creating for your shop?
I spend a lot of time "cleaning" our apartment, which is code for:
I spend a lot of time telling my husband I will clean the apartment,
but instead, spend hours facebook chatting with my blogger pal Alexa
about our dream houses, our crazy baby fever, and our blogs.

Is there a story behind your shop name?
To be honest, I spend quite a bit of my time thinking of words that rhyme. 
I write a lot of poetry, and sometimes when I'm crafting,
since I can't be writing, I'll sit and rhyme words in my head.
One day, I was rhyming words with "crochet" because I was crocheting,
and the word "puree" came into my head. And so the name was born.

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
1. Use Blogger and follow me! (Just kidding.)
2. Blog for yourself, first and foremost. Blog because you love it
and you need somewhere to share what you're passionate about.
3. Comment on others' blogs and get to know people. I've met my two best friends via blogging
and there's no friendship like an interweb friendship turned IRL. Trust me.
4. Don't be shy. Be honest about who you are, and who you've been.

Can you tell me about your ideal reader?
I make commenting on others' blogs a high priority,
because I want people to know when their blog posts inspire me.
So my ideal reader values what I have to say, even if they don't 100% agree,
and let's me know when I make an impact on them.
what are you normally doing while you blog?
A million different things. I love to multi-task,
because it makes me feel productive. So I eat,
sing along to whatever song is playing,
listen to whatever show my husband is watching,
fend off my cat, who demands attention 24/7,
and read what I'm blogging about to my husband
so I don't feel like I'm keeping anything from him,
since he wouldn't be caught dead blogging these days.

When do you find time to create for your shop?
I'm going to break the time I have in a week (168 hours) up into five parts.
1. Part-time job: 20-27 hours
2. Sleep (I average about 6-7 hours a night): 45-49 hours
3. Running/Walking: 2 hours
4. Blogging: 15 hours (mostly reading others', if you can't tell)
4. Creating/anything else I can do via multi-tasking, 
like watching an endless amount of Netflix or eating: every other second of my week
So, basically, I find my time somewhere in the 75-86 hours left over. Hooray hermit life!

if you were shrunken down to the size of a pencil eraser and stuck in a blender, how would you get out?
Tell my husband to remove me or I'm not cooking dinner tonight.
That usually gets me out of 99% of the pickles I get into.

What is your fave thing to blog about?
One of my mottos is "Live like a dying bard", because sometimes I'm scared of being real & raw,
especially with people I've never met. And even though that's the case sometimes,
I feel like it's my duty, as a human being, to let people know me, and my heart, and my head.
It's hard to find the line where you tell or don't tell. Especially when you can't think of how to tell.
But those moments and those topics that I post about, where I can feel raw, and not care,
those are my favorite things to blog about.

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  1. I really wish we did get to sit and drink coffee and chit chat. However, handwritten letters & a shameful amount of emails is good too :D


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