Sprinkled Oreos!!!!

EM is sick today,
I dont feel good,
its freezin outside
so we are totally in need of a pick-me-up

oh yummo.
dont these look so fun
and so tasty??
they are incredibly easy to make,
best part,
the kids can do it themselves,
if I werent so OCD in the kitchen I would have let miss ems do this herself
of course I have this micromanaging problem
(and a spelling problem)


Sprinkled Oreos
{kid friendly}
*1 pkg oreos {i used double stuffed}
*1 pkg candy quick
*wax/parchment paper
*children (optional)

melt the candy coating as per package, dip half of the cookie in the sugary goodness, IMMEDIATELY dip cookie in sprinkles
place cookies on paper, set in freezer for 5 min.

These ones are made with sprinkles for the children but im thinking on my way home from work i may stop and get mint oreos and either coconut flakes or almond flakes.
how tasty would those be?

if you make these id love to see your photos

linking up over here today!!

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  1. hmmm..it seems yummy..the colorful look is nice :)


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