Wedding Wednesday: Linens

im not putting to much thought into the linens for our wedding
i can care less what the napkins look like or the table cloths
but, since i cant just leave them out,
bc, well, inviting a house of frat boys and not having napkins means mess.
a whole lot of mess
i like the random assortments of mismatched table cloths,
im thinking ill make mine out of vintage sheets,

these are totally what came to mind when i thought of making mine myself
plain white linens,
and fabric rings with natural buttons
cute right?

these could be cute with different colors beneath the eyelet

im also partial to this one
we could put the wedding favors in each one
that could be fun, but i also feel like this one is too formal

im totally geeked out by this one
and the website also has an awesomesauce tutorial on it
what the what??
these would be grat in tons of different colors and patterns
and the best part, this would be rather inexpensive to do

these could also be serious fun
a table full of colorful flowers?
very chill, and the way the napkin is folded is more of a laid back scene. im liking these.

DIY Rewind - Napkin Rings :  wedding decor diy reception Gt026 B
im on the fence with these
ive made bracelets with buttons like this before but im not sure id want to make 100 of them for linens.
what if one broke and there were buttons everywhere
what would i do with them afterwards?
hmm i like to think a little ahead and besides having a giant jar of buttons
{which is not a downfall}
im not sure what id do with them afterwards.

im totally digging these linens.
the colors are super awesome!!

how much do you love these?

in theory these would be super cute
maybe add some feathers and billy balls
but id prefer not to label every place setting

DIY vintage napkin rings
these are genius, and the silverwear is wrapped inside
half of me just wants to use paper nakins bc what the heck am i going to do with 100 linen napkins after the wedding??
but then the smart half of me knows i should use the greener aproach.
i guess ill be having more dinner after the wedding, haha

how fun would it be to add little trinkets to these?

im noticing alot of my favorites include buttons

although im not doing a beachy/nautical theme i just had to share these
i love them

loving these flowers
however i would go with the fabric ring over this plastic/wood one
id mostlikely do it in burlapor whatever fabric that is
these are pretty fabulous
what kind of linens/napkin holders did you have at your wedding? id love to hear about them.
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hope to get alot of interest.


  1. They are all fun, but the first one...I LOVE IT:) I am a sucker for buttons!

  2. so i may have missed it on a previous post, but whens your big day?
    all the linens are beautiful!

  3. I didn't have them at my reception but my reception was very very casual. But I love all of them! I wish I'd had them ;)


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