Wedding Wednesdays

some weeks, when im sicky, 
{like now}
i live for tuesday nights
that means i get to write my wedding wednesday post
writing these posts are small reminders that this is not it
not matter how awful i feel
no matter how high my fever is
no matter how much pain i am in
this is not it
i am getting married next year
and being sick only last a few days at a time. 
{granted its never ending, but there are breaks in between being sick sometimes}
so here it is
tuesday night
and i am preparing you guys a post on my future wedding
and i am sweating from my fever
and achey 
and tired
but dont feel bad for me
bc i have plans on marrying the BEST looking around
oh yea ladies
i went there

modern vintage wedding
i have food on the brain. 
mostly sugary treats
especially those yummy cookies. 

my goodness who wouldnt want these little cake toppers
so adorable

paper striped straws
i love the idea of striped straws especially with a sweet note, 
haha get it
{thats the pseudophed talking}

crepe wedding cake
holy crap batman
thats a crepe cake
did you hear me??

who doesnt love crepes?
bc i sure as heck do
with a lil fluffy whipped cream, some nanas and a dab of chocolate
just found my cake
{mission: get the fiance to agree}

this is what im talkin' bout!
i want  We...want a candy counter.
im thinking just a small cake, simple, but tasty
and a table filled
with the best treats ever
and PIE
my god do i have to tell you kids how much i LOVE pie
we have talked over doing a contest
sending a card in the invites that say if theyd like to join to fill out the card as to what kind of pie they are bringing and then send the card with rsvp card
so we can have our friends contribute and at the pie table there can be a little bow where the guest vote on their fave pie
i think it sounds fun
im know a ton of my family would join in on it

are you guys looking at this?
it has everything
and its all sugary goodness

how about this?
a homemade cookie buffet
how awesome would that be?
complete with little treat bags.



  1. Found your blog through Girlish Whims. The cake toppers are super cute. I also live in IN. Enjoying the rain?!! :(

  2. It's all super cute! I have no doubt that you will have a lovely wedding if you can put together a collection like this!

  3. Oh man i love all of these ideas! too cute!

  4. Love your little happy that you are having fun planning your wedding! Enjoy every minute of it!! I hope you are feeling better really soon!

  5. Wow, i am sure that your wedding is going to be so rad!! You always post the coolest ideas EVER!! Good job! And i ,being a candy junkie, totally dig the candy bar idea:)!!!

  6. Once upon a time I took a class to be a wedding planner! AND I love all your ideas! Feel free to shoot me some emails and I can give you some "expert" advice. haha. I love the cookie idea more then anything. Super awesome!


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