Wedding Wednesdays

i am so grateful for the overwhelming interest in joining the Q&A
if youd like to guest post about your wedding, and or marriage. 
offer advice to women planning their own wedding, or any dating advice please send me an email. 

im still accepting questions.
are you engaged?
in a serious relationship?
not in a relationship?
confused about dating (im engaged, and still am)
if you have questions about, well, anything, 
send them to me
i have a lovely
and i mean
panel of women to answer your questions. 
ill write up an entire post dedicated to your questions. 
have a personal question?
i wont mention any names, completely anon. 

im happy to say that i have a great lineup of weddings to feature.
actually, im kind of fan boy happy!!
i was just telling Fiancée how i am so excited that people actually want to post on my blog. 

Fiancée and i are planning our engagement photos...
yes...we have been engaged for over 11 months now, i know, 
and we are just getting around to it. 
dont judge
so today i am all about anything engagement picture-esq


alright guys, its your turn!!
link up your engagement photos, 
wedding photos, 
wedding plans, 
not engaged? psh. i know you are still planning the wedding of your dreams. 
one of my girlfriends has her ENTIRE wedding planned, and her dress on hold....and shes single, 
not even a boyfriend, single, 
so come on, 
link up 
share some love
(and dont leave me hangin with my first linky party)

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    Lovely little wedding site for you


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