Zippy Purse Swap!!! Best Partner....EVER

I LOVE swaps. 
its so fun to create something, 
to put your love into it 
and send it someone you have never met
its so fun
i saw that 
Cookies & Cream Craft 
was hosting a swap
so of course i had to join
it was a zippy purse swap
Cookies and Cream Craft Blog

My awesome partner?
The lovely A.J.Dub from
Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again
cool blog name huh??

I was pretty nervous to make this actually as i have never sewn a zipper before. 
but i got it figured out. 
sort of. 

A.J. however made a FANTASTIC bag. 
and in my favorite colors, like, ever. 
today is my day off, which means i was home when the mail came. 
i was so excited to get it!!
she totally out did herself. 

i was so proud of myself to even get the zipper sewed in, but A.J. she went a step further and pre filled the little bag. 
do you see this??
this gorgeous flower of awesomeness??

oh how much do we all love this bag?
i am so jealous of myself.
i am totally going to use this everyday. 

she EVEN added pockets. 
how is A.J. so fantastical?

but wait!
it gets better!

i LOVE handmade cards!

in an exchange of emails i said how i have fallen in love with stamps
so she sent me some

and she filled my bag with little goodies that every bag should not be without. 

and some extra fabric remnants from the bag.

Ultimate swap partner??
yes she is. 
A.J. certainly outdid herself. 
and now i feel terrible bc all i sent her was the bag i made. 

heres the bag i sent her

go to 
Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again
check out her amazing quilt making skills
and tell her how amazingly talented she is
because she really really is
Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again


  1. Thanks chica! You are a sweetie!

  2. okay! seriously! how dang cute! i Love all of them!

  3. that's great. I'm sure she liked your bag too. :)


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