dear tots,
you are so yummy
and greasy
and cheesy
and not good for me
thank you

dear lady....
where the heck are my letters yo??
one lonely snail mailer

dear wedding,
why the heck must you cost so much?
id like to just have this shin dig without going bankrupt
k thanks

dear anyone reading this,
you rock.
and also,
ive been a super duper sucky blogger bff lately
hope you still love me
-one tired, exhausted nanny

so if you havent noticed  this lil blog of mine is under construction,
weve got our hard hats and goggles on
and im gettin really excited!!

if you havent noticed,
this is the second week ive gone without wedding wednesdays
dont hate me guys
i have some AMAZING!! guest posted but blogger likes to delete my posts
and if hes not doing that he likes to delete my photos

i have class tonight!
wish me luck! its my first day!

im hoping the blog will be up and running by this weekend.
im crazy crazy busy with all this packing and then we have the yard sale and the fundraising for the walk and getting up for work everyday is starting to seem more and more like a chore
i cant wait until sunday!!
its my day off.
that means i dont have to do anything
i can lay in bed
i dont have to shower if i dont wanna
i dont have to get dressed if i dont wanna
i dont have to do nuttin!
tho i most likley will be up at 630
go figure

im on the lookout for a GREAT
and when i say great i actually
wedding venue
id like to have outside catering
id like to have an outside wedding
id like to hang stuff on the walls
and have open flames
and id like it to be in or near Indiana.
im open to Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky
or Figi.
ya dig?


  1. We had our reception outside and it was great! Middle of December but in AZ so it wasn't really cold, and we had a Christmas tree and outside lanterns we hung above the dance floor ;) I say go outside cuz then it's a little cheaper to only have to pay for a backyard, etc. ;)

    Good luck girl and keep your head up!

  2. dear aleks good luck with all you got goin' on.

  3. Oh my golly you're so busy!

  4. i'm not sure how large or small your wedding will be, but if its on the larger scale, check out this orchard in indiana:

    when i found it, i was super sad that i couldnt find anything like it that was closer to chicago.

    good luck!


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