R.I.P. little netbook

dear motherboard,
why did you have to leave me?
why did you have to take all of my files and all of my photos with you?
what did i do?
why did you abandon me??
i never even saw it coming.
i thought everything was great between us.
we laughed together, we danced together, we even shared a few tears.
and then you just leave me?
like that?
all high and dry without even a goodbye??
oh motherboard,
xoxo, a very distraught blogger

dear weather,
sometimes i like rainbows.
you know, it doesnt always have to be clouds and rain.
if we are being honest here, i also hate your wind.
xoxo, im a having a bad day

dear bad day,
please leave.
please turn into a good day and never show your ugly face again.
xoxo, aleks

dear mcnuggets.
why must you be so irresistible??
for every one nugget i consume i feel the guilt immediately.
mcnuggets, you are a godsend and a disater all wrapped up in a crispy buttery perfection.
xoxo, the 20 pounds i am trying to keep off

dear God,
thank you for today.
thank you for the cross.
thank you for your forgiveness.
thank you for my bloggy bffs.
thank you for your sacrifice.
thank you for your love.
a very lost sheep


  1. Oh girl have I been there! My computer totally fried itself about 2 years ago, I bought a new comp and an external hard drive so that now if anything happens again, I still have everything.

    I'm so sorry!

  2. this is sooooo cute!!!! i love how you write letters to different things/situations in your life!!! i love it!!! :)


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.