Wedding Wednesday...Guest Post...JELLO!!!!

i have a sweet surprise for you guys today, 
the fabulous, and ever so gorgeous MISS JELLO
from Jello's Kitchen is here, 
oh yea, like really, here, at my blog, bloggin it up
about weddings, marriage, love, and other fun stuff
im so happy for you guys...erm...gals, to meet her
{go ahead, go to her blog, her post will be here when you get back, heck go ahead and follow her, i mean why wouldnt you??}


have you heard?
Aleks’s getting married!!!

and since I’ve been through
the whole wedding prep bazinga,
she asked me to guest blog about
the whole wedding prep bazinga.
girl, you’re so awesome!

so let's share the love,
shall we?

i'm Jello, by the way.

and look,
this is Pudding and I
on our wedding day.

we met in high school.
we dated 5 years
and i bribed proposed to him
with an acoustic guitar on our anniversary.
he said yes, because he had no one else.
(just kidding...)
that's our story and we're sticking to it.

that night,
2 seconds after he said yes,
i was taking my big wedding binder out and talking colors
and dresses and flowers and...
well you get it.
overloading his poor face
with wedding ideas.
so i think he made the decision that night
not get involve.
as less as i would let him.
 here's my only advise to you, girly
this is the {hopefully} only time
you’ll ever get to go throught this in your life;
enjoy it!

it will be stressful.
it will be wild.
you will love it
and you will hate it.
but you will never get to re-live it.

trust me,
lots of people told us the same thing
many, many times.
but still,
we regret the lack of "mental-memories".

it goes by, wayyy too fast.

the whole prep was kind of smooth for us.
we only invited 50 people
(yes! it's possible!)

so it gave us a lot more flexibility in what we could do.

i tried to do a lot of it myself.

the table chart

the cupcakes

the photbooth

So was the favors (we gave red maples) and the candy bar.
and everything else
had to have a personal connection.

the DJ was a friend.
the videographer was a friend.
the alterations done to my dress were done by a friend.

so basically,
everything i could make myself,
i did.
and everything that could be done by a friend,
we made sure our friends were involve in it.

it made the whole thing a lot more personal,
and the whole process leading to the day
a lot more real.

it was tons of fun.
i really enjoyed planning our wedding.
and loved every. single. minute
of  the day.

the married life...
well, it changed absolutely nothing for us.
we had lived together for about 4 years prior the wedding
so really, the wedding, was just making things more "official".

for us,
respect, understanding and patience
(lots of it!!)
is important.

we don't call each other out.
we don't yell at each other.
we respect each other.
a lot.
we try to be in each other's shoes as much as we can
and we give each other space.

like a friend told me once:
"marriage is like a table.
you need
love, sex, trust and communication"
you get it.
keep the table standing, baby!

i wish you great luck
and awesome fun.


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