Wedding Wednesdays: Guest Post

Hey guys, n dolls, 
i have a special treat for you today!
our first guest post!!!
and its about....what else.... 
i cant wait for all of you to meet miss Ali.
you will, without a doubt, love her. 
Oh my gosh I’m so excited to be doing a wedding post!
So let me start off with us in a nutshell:

Andrew and I met in high school, and after 2 years of loathing each other,
became friends our senior year.
A month after we graduated high school, we started dating.
Andrew left on his mission for our church in June 2008 to Argentina.
While he was gone, I went to work at Disneyland to fulfill a lifelong dream.
When Andrew came home, we still loved each other very much.
A month after he got home he proposed in front of the castle at Disneyland ;)
We were married in the Mesa, AZ temple on December 16, 2010.

Details of our wedding day:
We had a small wedding ceremony (35 people)
And had about 400 people at our outdoors reception
(despite the rain!!)
My cake was homemade, all three layers red velvet with cream cheese frosting!
My flowers were done by lifelong mentor/friend Susan at a family-owned flower shop ;)
I did not have a veil,
I had a strapless dress that I attached a bolero to so it was temple worthy ;)
It was the first dress I tried on too ;)
I tried on 4 dresses and went with the first one cuz of the bling!
I had 3 bridesmaids and he had 3 groomsmen.
We had a Christmas tree at our reception for people to hang ornaments on for us
If they chose to do so ;)
Here’s some photos of the day:
This is the only photo I have of my father/daughter dance

Table decorations
(Mason jars we etched)

My bouquet

Bridesmaids bouquet
(Maid of Honor had yellow Gerbs instead of red)

I wanted to give a little advice from what I’ve learned about life and love ;)
Starting with the lovely brides out there!
First thing of advice for brides-to-be:
- If there’s something specific you want done, tell someone and make it happen.
This was my biggest mistake looking back on my wedding day.
I had wanted a lot of things I had to “compromise” with cuz others thought it was unnecessary etc.
Now I wish I had put my foot down.
Second thing:
-NEVER blame your fiancé for anything! He’s stressed out too!
(unless he forgets your birthday or something then you can blame ;)  )
If you start fighting during the engagement, I have found that it will only get worse for some.
Andrew and I have really only had two big fights in our 4 years together.
And they were more like squabbles than fights.
And third:
-DON”T WAIT til the day of to know what pictures you want taken and who you want in them ;)

For those in a relationship I have a couple tips:
(hahahaha “couple tips” oh man that’s too punny!)
-I am a firm believer of a talk-it-out policy.
I feel like the silent treatment is kinda a sell-out.
Work things out.
- I am also a firm believer in the power of prayer.
I always feel better after praying to my Heavenly Father, either in my personal prayers or with my husband.
I feel a loving peace after ending my talk with Him.
If you feel comfortable praying together I strongly suggest it.

My biggest advice to all people single, married, in a relationship, engaged, etc is this:
Once you trust someone with a piece of yourself, and they have shared with you, keep that trust.
A lack of loyalty can lead to all sorts of things.
I have personally experienced it in really bitter breakups from which I still feel a sting on occasion.
And finally:

We all want to have fun and enjoy each other’s company ;)
If you don’t know how to have fun, you’re missing out.
Even if it’s something silly like going through the car wash with the radio blasting and singing at the top of your lungs
(and yes, we have definitely done this….multiple times actually hahahaha).

Once you find that love that you never want to be without, hold onto them forever. ;)
And remember that the fun is the journey you have together!

Thank you Aleks for letting me guest post!!
Come visit me over at Our Happily Ever After!


  1. Oh I'm glad it all worked out!! Thanks for letting me share my experience Aleks ;)

  2. Yay what a good idea to have a guest blogger! Loved it!

  3. beautiful colors and everything! love it :)


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