Ashley Rocks!

Aleks wanted some people to guest blog while she is out of the office.
I jumped at the chance... When I first found Aleks blog I feel in love.
I love her real handmade if you saw her facebook status updates
you would like every single one of them like I do....

So do you guys want to know who I am?
I am Ashley from Divorced at 20
I suck at crafts...lets be honest here folks.
I once attempted at tutorial of a cute necklace..
and it soon became an eye sore hanging on my dresser...

I figured I would give a few reasons why I don't craft.....

I suck at following directions
I rarely read any directions to set anything up...
I guess its because I think I am smarter than it,
but then again tell that to my eye sore on my dresser
100% out smarted by a necklace.

I don't finish things I start in the crafty part of life.
I have only completed one picture frame and it took me six months
I don't even want to talk about that

and finally I really just enjoy looking at other peoples pretty things.
then I go find their etsy and if the money is in my account I purchase some pretty things...

so right now I am heading over to Aleks Etsy shop and purchasing a pretty little head band.
I wish I was like Aleks....


  1. duuuude, loving the new do!

    = )

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