goin to the orchard and we're, gunna get maaarrriiieedd

one of many large open fields at our finger tips
they are re-sodding this one
this is where the ceremony will be, 
its so shady and cool in the evening!!!!

this is looking over the hill from the ceremony field, 
our barn, 
its, (obvs) 2 stories. 
well have the reception inside there
and lawn games out front with "lounge seating"

lighting they already have in the barn, 
amazing right??
it was meant to be

if you look in the back those are the fruit trees
they are just babies now but she says they will be at least 2 feet taller next year
there are over 900 fruit trees.

pumpkins and squash

driveway up to the barns

front of reception barn

the red barn, 
there will be lawn games in front of there, 
also great for shade!!

one of the doors in the below floor, 

this is where we are getting married, 
and where we are celebrating it!
so excited!


  1. Gorgeous! That is so much like a fairytale! Love. Love. Love.

  2. Oh you could not have picked a more charming spot! It is going to be such a lovely place for your wedding!

  3. OMg!!! I'm so excited for you.
    I wish I could come!!!

  4. oh congrats!!! this is awesome and absolutely perfect!!!


  5. i love it!!!!!! you will have a beautiful wedding!!!! love both the barns! you motivated me to put up pictures of our venue!

  6. love it! i loved all the wedding planning! i just got married in may :) believe it or not being married is even better! :)

  7. So beautiful and romantic! I love it!
    I just found your blog, and it's awesome :)


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