Hello Mrs. Jello

Meet JELLO!!!shes a new sponsor!remember that one wedding post?
the one that i ruined? because i couldnt figure out the photos. 
well this is her, again, cept this time ive got this post covered. i figured it out!!
and in case you wanted to see the wedding post 
WITH photos, she reposted it, bc she is awesome. 

1. What got you into blogging?
Has it changed your life in any way?
mmm... it's a long story. kinda. but in short (and leaving some parts out...) i was bored. i've always been the kind of person who needs a billion projects and things to do. this blog gives me just that. it totally changed my life! gave me the chance to meet new people (bloggy people and real life people) and gave me a possibility to put my creativity to work.

2.Where do you see your blog in 10 years? 
mmm.. never thought of it and will not stop to start thinking of either. it will go the way it's ment to go. and i'll go with the flow. we'll where that will be in ten years

3. What are you doing when you are not blogging? 
working. sleeping. eating. pooping. the regular normal human being stuff...

4. What advice would you give a new or soon to be blogger? 
ah! no advise willl ever be good enough. everybodie's different. everybody will have a different story to tell. everybody will have a different way

5. What inspires you? 
everything! everyone! the world and life! i'm totally in love (and yes, in a cheesy way) with the world!

Go stalk her,

she wont mind
i promise!!!

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