imperfectly perfect.

im linking up with newest friend today, 
the lovely Liz

shes talking about loving yourself, 
for yourself, 
for God,
for nobody else. 

heres my list of imperfections, 
some really arent so perfect, 
Liz, your young, and beautiful, you have a long time to change things about yourself, as long as you do it for God, and do it with love. 

id like to change all of these things about myself

1. im a sinner
2. i get lost in the worldy things easily
3. my teeth are awful, crooked, and make me look like a jack-o-lantern when i smile big
4.  my skin. 
5. my stomach seems to grow, even i quit eating
6. you could feed a village with just one of my thighs
7. my eye brows are like a giant forest, how can you not see them when you look at me??
8. my skin. 
9. i have a 'Jan' nose
10. i cant carry a tune in a bucket, or even a truck for that matter
11. my boobs are WAY too big
12. my hips are WAY too big
13. my skin.
14. have i mentioned my skin?
its COVERED in freckles and moles .
its awful. 
i look like a cheetah.
15. my spelling 
16. bad habits

but then i have SOOOO much to be happy about. 
im engaged to the hottest and most sincere man on the planet, i have clean water, i have love of friends and family, and i am a child of the most Glorious and Perfect King!  
Liz, life is awful sometimes, but its a perfect reflection of Gods love for us EVERYDAY.
you dont like your smile but one day some gorgeous hunk will fall madly in love with it, and then youll get married. 
you dont like your hair but without it you would rather silly right?
and i bet it can probably hold a curl?
mine just limps, stupid hair. 
God is crazy mysterious, but he loves you, and your 'abnormally long toes', scars, and social awkwardness. 

go link up with Liz and let her know how awesome she really is. 

lets not let her down.


  1. Girl, you are soo beautiful. So many things you listed are such unique and inspiring things about you that make YOU different. So glad I found your blog.

  2. I absolutely love this!
    Thanks for linking up.
    There's so much about us that we always hate and want to change, but we don't realize God made us that way for a reason.
    There's a reason that we have these so called 'imperfections' but the truth is, they aren't actually imperfections, which is why I made this link up.
    Thanks for linking up! this was beautiful!


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.