its ok,

no really, it is
Everything Will Be Okay
its ok to have more bloggy bffs than real life ones,
its ok to spit milk out your nose when you laugh,
its ok tuck your dress into your panties if you in a hurry, 
its ok to forget to shave ONE of your legs bc your tired at 5 am, 
its ok to chow down all of your dinner, and some...most, of your fiances, 
its ok to dance, naked, in the bathroom, as long as the curling iron is off....
its ok to text your boss when you meant to text your significant other, 
its okay to be younique
its TOTALLY ok to fall asleep on someones shoulder and wake up bc your face is wet from drool, 
its ok to use garlic pam whilst making cupcakes BC its in the same can as baking pam,
its ok, 
no really, 
it is,


  1. So creative!! I totally needed this today!! A good laugh, and a reality check. Because it's ok if the laundry's not done... especially if family is in town. It's ok :)

  2. this is EXACTLY what i needed after my super crazy day!!!! thank you!!

  3. yes... you're totally right IT'S OK! thanks for that!


  4. I love this post and I love you for posting it.


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.