Banana Nut Cupcakes

Banana is definitely on my top 10 of favorite flavors. 
banana pudding is by far my fave dessert!! 
especially the way my grama mae makes it. ohm nom nom.
but im not telling you about pudding today, im telling you about cupcakes. 
Banana Nut Cupcakes. 


prepare a box cake mix. 
i used a yellow cake, no strong flavor, and i like the yellow color for the cake. 

mash up 3 rip bananas. you can food process them but really a fork works just fine, 

i prefer pecans over walnuts, you can decide on your own what youd like to add

throw in the nuts and mashed Bananas into the already prepared cake mix.

give it a whirl in the mixer. 

fill your baking cups

pop them in the oven for 28 min at 350. 

for the icing i mixed half a bag of instant banana pudding mix (the kind you add milk to)
powdered sugar, and butter
gave it a whirl in the mixer, chilled it in the fridge until the cakes where cool. 
fill a piping bag and leave the coupler open. 
ice the cakes and sprinkle a few nuts on top. 
make sure to sprinkle the nuts as you ice, the icing will harden a little on the top 
so the nuts wont stay on if you wait too long. 


1 box cake mix [your choice]
3 bananas

powdered sugar
instant pudding mix [banana]

1. prepare the cake mix as per the box
2. mash the bananas, add to the mix with the nuts
3.line muffin pan with cupcake papers
4. fill papers with tasty banana mix
5. bake for 28 min at 350 or until firm to the touch and golden 

mix half the pouch of instant pudding with powdered sugar and butter

when cupcakes are cool frost the tops and sprinkle with nuts


  1. Aleks!
    these looks amazing!
    ♥♥ shared them on today's post...


  2. I'm so glad I found this recipe - my kids will go crazy for these - thanks for sharing

  3. this looks so delicious!!! I am so trying these!!! Thanks so much for the awesome recipe! Visiting from FTLOB!!!


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