bananananananana cake

i have a terrible time spelling 
so if you add lots of ananananananas
then it looks just great!
my friend Karl graduated and said he wanted
a banana cake 
the only cake i love more than lemon is
but not that fake kind. 
my nananananana cake has to be made with

of course i cheated
a little
i used a box mix
french vanilla of course!
but then i added 4 smashed up banananannas 
poured it into two 8 inch rounds and baked em up
i used fudge chocolate icing for the center and to ice it.
the top of this DELICIOUS cake is covered with 
vanilla bark shavings. 
and the banana taste was AMAZING
so fresh 
and warm 
and sooo tasty
i really never eat anything i bake 
but i loved this caked

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  1. hey, aleks! i sent you emails, asking for the requirements for the sponsor intro in my blog. maybe they went to your spam box? please check. thank you, girl... :)


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