Carnival is moving, Music is in the air

my favorite food??
anything mexican
translation: SPICY!!
ill eat anything with peppers. 
my family back home is pretty big on it too. 
i dont think there was ever day growing up that our fridge was without salsa and or some kind of peppers. 
the reason for the ulcer in my esophagus? probably.
the reason i have acid reflux?? most likley
will it stop me from enjoying the most delicious foods? no way jose

im pretty well know in my family for making salsa
home made baby
and all fresh ingredients!

3 large ripe toms
1 large yellow onion
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 bulb garlic
1 lemon
1 bundle cilantro
5 jalapenos
pinch oh salt

now, i prefer to hand dice everything, sort of a 'pico de gallo' less of a sauce.
but when there are a zillion, and by a zillion i mean 4, children running around my feet o prefer to spend all afternoon using a knife. ya heard?
so i just run it through the processor. 
we have a little one, super duper easy to use and clean, if you dont have one you can use a blender. 
i first chop the toms, place them in the bowl, next i chop the onion, place it in the bowl, then i chop both bell peppers at the same time, add them to the bowl, now when it comes to the garlic i use the entire bulb, peeled of course.
i chop the garlic with the jalapenos, and the cilantro. 
with the lemon you can decide if you want to use the whole thing or just use the juice. i squeeze out the juice with my hand underneath to catch the seeds. then i only use a small bit of zest. 
I have once used the whole lemon, and i loved it, but people dont like lemons wont like taking a bite of salsa and biting into a lemon piece, SOUR. 
when your all done give it a stir add a bit of salt to taste and wahlaa. 
note: leaving it in the fridge will let all the flavors party together and make it taste so much better!!!
thats what i prefer. 

serve with scoops chips, on nachos, in quesadillas, or with a spoon, 



  1. that looks SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! i love the idea of adding the lemon!! never heard of that before, and it sounds amazing!!!!!

  2. I love that you said "no way jose" in a post about mexican food ;)


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