dear boys

dear house of boys, 
i miss baking for you everyday, 
i do not miss hearing about farts and poop. 
xoxo aleks

dear little blonde boy,
im sorry you fell off my couch and cracked your head open. im glad we could steri-strip it up. i hope the Popsicle made you feel better. 
xoxo auntie aleks

dear 'el dorko'
uncle brad loves you. he just likes to give stupid names to people he loves the most. 
trust me.
xoxo auntie aleks
aka poop head

dear little brother,
life is hard when you are 20, but its even harder without a job. i love you, think about 
what your getting yourself into. 
xoxo big sis

dear littlest brother, 
life is even harder when you are 17. 
girls come and go. 
let them go. they get cuter in college anyways. 
xoxo your biggest sis

dear pops,
thanks for lending me the truck so many times. 
i promise ill buy a car some day. 
also, good job picking mom. shes awesome. 
xoxo your oldest, (and bestest) daughter

dear bear, 
i love your heart. 
thank you for sharing it with me. 


  1. hahah I LOVE that you told your dad good job on picking your mom! priceless!!!


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