reason 57 i shouldnt be a girl

im completely and utterly challenged when it comes to curling my hair. 

that is my thigh. the burn looks small, but it wasnt, 
i just have enormous thighs. 
i dropped a 420 degree curling iron...on my bare thigh..... right on the skin......
did i scream?
did i curse?
a little
did this happen a few weeks ago and i have been so angry about it im just now blogging?
now i have a scar. 
its gross looking. 
and its low enough on my thigh that my shorts dont cover it. 
so what do i say when people are like, oh my... what happened there??
'oh you know, just tryin to be a lady one day and COMPLETELY FAILED AT IT'
nope, ill make up a story about a tiger. say it attacked me or something. 

on the bright side, my hair looked good, 
though the pain meds may have made me a little too happy, 
just a little


  1. OUCH!!!! that looks like that must have hurt!

    did you have to go the the doctor's?

    i love love love your hair like that!!

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  2. Awe man...when i was younger i burned myself on the neck and my dad grounded me because he thought it was a hicky, ha ha!!
    Well your hair is rock'n and hopfully it heals up quick!!


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