Road Trip Baby

destination: union, kentucky
distance: 3.5 hours
reason: family fun

are you wondering if i am wearing my glasses under my sunglasses?
yes. yes i am. 

its not a road trip unless snacks are involved. 

indianapolis rush hour.... booooo

good thing i brought my pillow

we made it.
this cake, however, did not. 
well. not THIS cake. this one is the remake. 

drive up ice store.
and they sell ice blocks. in lbs. crazy. 

spent the weekend with family. so much fun. a quick lunch date before we are on the road again. 

more snacks.

hope you enjoyed the trip with us!

{completely forgot to take photos of the family while we were there}


  1. haha i loved how you photographed the road trip but not the family! lol

    and all your little clusters of photos are cute! i love it!!

  2. Love your road trip pix. Wish they could of been on the way to Cali. Love ya..


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