save the dates: gasket blown

t-minus one month before save the dates are going out
which means i have all this month, 
correction Fiance and I have all this month 
to put together something we love
problem: Fiance keeps saying "your the creative one, you pick it, or I dont know babe, whichever you like"
i love the guy but, heysuess christo.
How did you ladies pick out your save the dates? 
How did you get your fiance to help with the planning? I mean im not saying hes not helping, he is, we have 'jobs' that are souley ours to take care of but its a little nerve racking. 
im freakingout. 
i cant help but think, 'geeze aleks when this wedding turns out looking like a circus sideshow youll be the ringleader'
AND put the freaking cherry on top, our venue, 
the perfect Orchard with the barn adn the open fields and the apples and peaches and greenery. yea. that one. 
she tells me its zoned wrong. 
correction, my DAD who hears from my stepmom, who hears from a colleague tells me its zoned wrong. so when i email her she says 'oh yea, its not zoned for commercial use... so you cant use it for your wedding until we fix it, we are hoping for the first of the year but  really arent sure.'
you are HOPING that 6 months from my wedding you will have this all figured out?? and if you dont? then what? i have 6 friggen months to find a damn venue. 

well, dont i feel better now. 
if you stuck with me through all that jabber i thank you so much. geeze. here are some pretty/awesomesauce/fantastical 
save the dates. 
i cant make up my mind, and if i try im most likely to blow a gasket. 
so you guys do it for me. 

how sweet is this? maybe do it a yellow and grey scheme?
so simple, but so awesome. 

Queen Mary Mustache Letterpress Save the Dates 500x377
 fantastic right?

letterpress illustrated silhouette save the dates1 500x332
i completely LOVE this one!!
love it!!

Mr Boddington Studio Save the Date 500x360
again with the sil­hou­ettes, so classy, 
but i think they might 'too' classy for a backyard wedding. opinions? 

Yellow Gray Letterpress Save the Dates3
awww. i LOVE these. 

my little buffalo illustrated save the date 500x333

6a00e554ee8a22883301310f508ff4970c 500wi
she hand drew these...

Save The Date

modern wedding invitation

fingerprint wedding announcement

The Zuniga wedding
uhm. yes. 


  1. Those are some very cute ones. I sent mine out today! I made them through snapfish using our engagement pictures. Go with your gut and what you love, always trust your first instinct.

  2. I like the first ones and the last ones ;) But anything you choose will be amazing ;)

  3. My favorite one is the skinny card with the couple sitting on down and their hands around each other:)

  4. My favorite one is the one with the couple arms around each other, and the one under that one. But they are all nice.. Love you bunches...

  5. I like the lovely couple one but I'm a sucker for simple typography and patterns.
    Maybe go for a fancy ampersands one, i love those bad boys!
    Will you be designing them yourself?


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