wedding weekday!
i just realized today i totally forgot to post my engagement party invites!!
they were totes cute!

of course minus the blue line
(cant let everyone know where my parents live right??) 

we had our party last november, cant believe its almost been a year! holy cow!
we had a bon fire, pot luck buffet, beer and wine, family 
and flannel!
it was so great!!
our bridal party was there, our parents, a fews aunts and uncles and our brothers and sisters!!
we had such a great time eating and sitting on hay bales by the fire, drinking wine and just chatting. 
and the best part, it was inexpensive. 
we provided the entree, 
yummy yummy YUMMY pulled pork bbq
and then we kindly asked that each guest bring something
i also made a delicious cheesy potato bake! mmmm
there were tons of treats and snacks and homemade goodness. 
it was the first time out parents met....and yes i was super nervous about that but they got along great
(they even facebook friended each other haha)

yea, i was not ready for this one 

me and the future mister. 


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  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun and the invites were adorable!


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